Are You Sure You Can’t Afford to Stage Your House?

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Real Estate

This is a statement I was accustomed to getting several years ago when everyone’s wallet was thinner but am often a bit surprised when I hear this today.

 A few months ago I had a seller referred to me by an agent. They’d been in their home for about 30 years and they were ready to move into a condo closer to the beach. Their mindset is still in the If they don’t like it, they don’t have to buy it mode. And who can blame may have been that way when they bought their house. And while the economy has improved and it is a seller’s market in many areas, the questions still persist. Perhaps you can afford to not stage your house, but do you want to???

 1. Do you want to continue to pay the mortgage on your home?

2. Do you want to continue to pay the insurance on your home?

3. Do you want to continue to pay the taxes on the home you’re in?

4. Do you want to continue to pay for the maintenance of your house?

5. Do you want to continue paying for your utilities?

6. Do you want to continue to live each day in your home like you were living in a model home?

7. Do you want to have your home and your life open for strangers to see?

8. Can you afford to wait as interest rates rise?

9. Can you afford to wait while home prices rise?

10. Do you want to wait while another buyer scoops up the home you’ve been waiting for??

In the big scheme of things, making sure that your home is in the kind of condition that will make a buyer sit up and take notice, doesn’t have to break the bank.